DXpeditions to Africa


Arie PA3A was a member of 3 DXpeditions to Africa:

  • Liberia 2007 : 5L2MS
  • Sierra Leone 2011: 9L5MS
  • Republic of the Congo 2013: TN2MS

All DXpeditions to Africa were done in cooperation with Mercy Ships.
These 3 actvities were in combination with a charity Project. Gifts and ‘big green stamps’ were registered, so that the DXpedition team could sponsor a Mercy Ships shore-project like the building of a small hospital or a health program. In two DXpeditions the team also worked as volunteers on board. As a result several problems in the radiocommunication between ship and shore parties of Mercy Ships were solved. The team also¬† installed a GPS reportingsystem in all Mercy Ships vehicles ashore.

For Mercy Ships see: Mercy Ships website


DXpedition stories and videos

Liberia 2007 DXpedition 5L2MS (in English English): 5L2MS Not just another DXpedition

Liberia 2007 DXpeditie 5L2MS (in Nederlands NL Flag):  5L2MS DXpeditie

Sierra Leone 2011 DXpedition 9L5MS (in English English): 9L5MS DXpedition

Sierra Leone 2011 DXpeditie 9L5MS (in Nederlands NL Flag): 9L5MS DXpeditie

Republic of the Congo 2013 DXpedition TN2MS (in English English): TN2MS DXpedition


The videos of the last two DXpeditions can be viewed here (via Youtube) and show DXpedition activities as well as other ‘adventures’ on board of the hospitalship Africa Mercy.
Videos are part in English, part with English subtitles.

Holiday Style Operation from Guernsey Island as MU / PA3A

Operation holiday style from Luxemburg as LX / PA3A

Holiday Style Operation from Faroe Islands and Iceland as OY / PA3A and TF / PA3A