Math for nanoVNA S1P en S2P files: S2Z and Z2S

What is this about?

S1P en S2P exports from the nanoSAVER software do not contain impedances. S21 en S11 can be converted to impedances and vice versa. This Write-up contains the math for nanoVNA S1P and S2P files to calculate the things you need for your analysis:

S21 to  Z = R+jX and v.v.  (‘S2Z’ and ‘Z2S’)  for Hi-Z values

S21 to Z = R+jX (S2Z)  for low-Z values

S11 to Z = R+jX and v.v.  (S2Z and Z2S)

Zs = Rs + jXs  calculating series to parallel  Rp and jXp  and v.v.

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